Onomatopoeia Part 2 (1)


"Roar"   The sound a lion makes when it is angry.  This is sometimes used in a joking way to describe the sound  an angry person might make.

"Hiss"    The sound a cat makes when it is angry.  This is also sometimes used to descibe a high-pitched sound from any machine (i.e. steam coming out from a tiny crack in a pipe).  It can slao be used to describe sound one makes when they disagree with another person (i.e.  the crowd hissed and booed at the speaker who they din not agree with)

"Meow"    This is the sound a cat makes when it is happy or when it wants food or attention.

"Purr"    The sound a cat makes when you pet it or, more generally, the sound a cat makes whenever is is happy.  This expression can also be used to describe anything that makes a low, humming noise (i.e.  a car motor, a generator, or a fan).  The verb version of this onomatopeia is "to purr".                (J.F)

お役立ち英会話表現 53
roar         吠える、怒鳴る
hiss         シューっいう音を出す
high-pitched        甲高い
boo          ブーと言う、ブーイングする
purr        (猫が)喉を鳴らす、ブーンという音をたてる
pet        かわいがる、愛撫する

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