Handsome,  Ugly,  Gorgeous: Talking about "Looks"  (2)


A person, man or woman, who is even better than "beautiful" is said to be gorgeous. ex: I saw  Julia Roberts in a cafe.  She's gorgeous !"

Now to turn to some less positive words !

If a person (unfortunately) has an appearance which is nothing special, they can be described as "plain" or "homely".  This person is then not so good or not so bad, just "average".

However, if a man or woman has an unattractive face, they could be described as ugly. ex: Why is that announcer so popular ?  I think she's ugly !"

Also, a woman who is ugly might also be called a "dog" or a "pig".  The poor girl !

There is also the phrase "an ugly duckling " to describe a girl who was once ugly but beccame pretty later.  (A duckling is a baby duck, and this phrase comes from a famous children' story.)

These words and phrases only talk about a person's face.  There are others that are used to describe peoples' bodies.  We'll look at those another time.

お役立ち英会話表現 58
homely        不器用な
ugly duckling       醜いアヒルの子(後に美しくなる人)

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