Juniors, Seniors & Middle Names (2)


Some people think the second president Bush was George Bush Jr., but this isn't true, because father and son had different middle names.

Why do some people have middle names ?   There are various reasons: the parents can't decide between two good first names, or because it adds a nice rhythm to the names, or most commonly, the middle name is used to honor a member of the mother or father' family.

In such a case, the child might be given a middle name which is the same as the first name of another family member. (ex: William Phillip Morrison)

Then again, sometimes the mother's family name is given  to the child as his/her middle name.  A famous example is President John  F. Kennedy.  "F" stands for Fitzgerald, the family name of the President's mother.

When western people write their name on official or business documents, the middle name must be included.         (G.K)

お役立ち英会話表現 62
most commonly      ほとんどの場合
in such a case       そうした場合
stand for 〜    〜を表わす
must be included      含まれなければいけない

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