Ways to say goodbye in English  (2)


Peace / Later / I'm Out

All informal expressions used by younger people when talking with their friends.  I would not suggest using these expressions if your are older than 25.  Otherwise, it may sound unnatural and awkward.

See ya

A very common expression.  It does not literally mean that you will see the person later or soon. Instead, it simply means "bye".  It is a casual way to say goodbye to friends and family.

See you later / See you soon

The longer version of the above expression.  Very similar in feel.  Again, it usually (though not always) does not mean that you will see the person later but, rather, it simply means "goodbye".

Take care

Used with someone who you know though you do not need to know the person very well.  It is not formal or informal but somewhere in between. "Take care" literally means "take care of yourself" or "be healthy" , but this expression simply means "bye".                (J.F)

お役立ち英会話表現 64
otherwise          さもなければ、そうでなければ
awkward           不自然な、不思議な
in feel          感覚的には
rather           どちらかと言うと、むしろ
somewhere in between        どこかその中間で

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