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She is the female version of Leonardo Da Vinci as far as I am concerned.  She would often say and I quote, "If you can dream it, you can do it !"
Imaging is an important tool in creating success.  For her it was becoming an astronaut and going to space.  For her it was becoming a heart surgeon first and to save lives.

She told me she chose the " heart" because it is the last line of defense against death.  She then chose space because she had a vision of seeing the planet earth from above as a big beautiful blue ball.  

She is also a biologist and teaches space medicine.  She said she could achieve her dreams because she learned English.  Without English she could not have earned her place in history as the first Japanese woman to leave this earth and to go into space.

Most of you out there are not dreaming of going to space.  You want to learn English and speak it well for other reasons more earthly.  You may need it for business and Japan right now is in the economic survival mode and English is more important than ever before.          (V.C)

お役立ち英会話表現 66
female version of 〜    〜の女性版
quote 〜        (引き合いに出して)〜と言う
heart surgeon         心臓外科医
biologist              生物学者
earthly              地上的な   cf.heavenly

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