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The world is truly going global and even if you just want to travel, we can help you catch your dream at English Village.
Our private man-to-man lessons with native English teachers can serve your language needs.

So, you think your have a big English vocabulary and you know some difficult words.
In many situations, written or verbal, you think that you are able to use these words correctly.  Wow !  that sounds great !  Your reading skills and listening ability are up there, too and you write fairly well, especially when answering emails.  You really got it together as far as the English language goes.  Even your TOEIC score is sky high, hovering around 850, you have set your target for 900 points.
Perhaps your company has decided that you have to reach this score in order to move up the corporate ladder and to one day receive an overseas posting.  You can almost climb to the top of the Empire State Building !  You are nearly looking up at Big Ben !  

You are almost an international man ( or woman ); all you need is another 50 points.  You can see the top of the English mountain... You are almost there !

お役立ち英会話表現 67
global            全地球的な
verbal            話し言葉の、言語上の
sky high          非常に高い
hover            (高い水準に)とどまる
corporate ladder     出世競争

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