Japanese words in the English Language # 1 (1)


Though we generally translate Japanese words into English, sometimes we simply use the Japanese word.  Here are some of these rare examples:

Sashimi - This word is used by many English speakers.  Sometimes you will see the words "raw fish", but in my experience a large number of native speakers of the English Language know the meaning and use the word”Sashimi".

Sushi - This is another word that is used in English.  There is no equivalent word in English that I can think of which means the same thing.

Bonsai - This word, which means the art of growing miniature trees, is the only phrase that can be used mean this.  Most English speakers will understand it.         (J.F)

お役立ち英会話表現 70
Though 〜     〜だけれども
raw fish           生のさかな
a large number of 〜  〜の多く
equivalent     同等の、相当する

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