Japanese words in the English Language # 1 (2)


Karaoke - This one might be obvious, however, the pronunciation in English is quite different than its pronunciation in Japanese.   I suggest, when in foreign countries, using the English pronunciation instead of the Japanese pronunciation.  Here is how to say it correctly in English: "ker-ee-O-key".

Origami - There is no English word for Origami.  We borrowed the Japanese word to describe the exact same thing.  Occasionally, you may see "the art of folded paper", or something along those lines but "origami" is used 99% of the time.

Manga - "Manga" refers to Japanese-style comics.  "Comics" or "comic books" are used to describe Western-style Manga.  Again, sometimes you will see "Japanese comics", however, it is much more common to simply see the word "Manga" used in English.  The English pronunciation of the "a" in "Manga" is slightly different than in Japanese.        (J.F)

お役立ち英会話表現 71
obvious          明白な、一目瞭然な
instead of 〜   〜の代わりに
fold            折る、折りたたむ
refer to 〜    〜に言及する、〜を指している
slightly  different     少し違う

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