Let's  Eat !    Food words in English (1)      No.4


Foreigners in Japan are often amused to hear Japanese people always (on TV at least) say that food is "Oishii!"(delicious) when tasting it.

I myself believe it's more about being nice to the cook instead of giving a real opinion of the food, but it does make me notice the difference of words when talking about food.

If I eat a nice bowl of creamy clam chowder from my home area of Boston, USA, I might say it's good, great, fantastic, delicious, awesome (etc).  There's a wide choice of words in English to describe good-tasting food, even if it's only to make the chef feel good. (which we don't feel like we must do, by the way.)

On the other hand, if the food isn't so good, for example, a  nearly-cold plate of overcooked pasta made by a roommate, I could say it's so-so, not so great, nothing special, barely edible, and so on.  Now, if the food is actually bad, and I'm not afraid that the cook might get angry and kill me, I could say it's awful, terrible, lousy, disgusting, or the worst --- I've ever eaten.  (G.K)

お役立ち英会話表現 4
amuse     楽しむ
awesome   すごい
edible    食べられる

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