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George Bush only uses, "There's..." in every situation.  On top of that, he can't use articles correctly, so for him just about every noun has an "a" in front of it.

Here's an example: ”There's "a" Iraqi war goin' on." he would say into the camera while making a speech and millions of peoples were watching and listening to him.  He doesn't care that he is supposed to put an "an" in front of Iraqi and not an "a".
Or he might say "There's many Iraqi insurgents fightin' 'gainst us over there."  Of course, he should have used "There are..." not "There is ..."  

So, if the former President of the United States can't get it right, what does that tell you ?  Well, for one thing, for most Americans, grammar isn't so important and speaking perfect English is only a myth.   In other words, don't worry about your grammar too much.  Most Japanese English learners understand basic English grammar rules, and quite frankly, most of them can use these rules better than George W. Bush.  Worry more about your pronunciation.           (V.C)

お役立ち英会話表現 74
On top of that            さらに、付け加えて
insurgent           暴徒、反乱者
should have used 〜   〜を使うべきだった
for one thing          一つには
quite frankly        ざっくばらんに言うと

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