Japanese words in the English Language # 2 (1)


Kabuki - There is no English word that means Kabuki.  You may at times "Kabuki Theatre" too, however, just saying the one word "Kabuki" is more common.

Tycoon - The Japanese word "taikun" has the English spelling Tycoon.  In Japanese it means "Great prince" or "high commander", however in English it usually refers to a wealthe business leader.

Edamame - Soybeans boiled in the whole pod, usually served with salt and sometimes with soy sauce.  The word "soybeans" is sometimes said but it is really not correct because soybeans in long green "pod" are technically called edamame in English.

Bento - It's more common to say "bento box" in English, but simply Bento is fine, too.  It can refer to a takeout meal that is usually for lunch and is most often from a Japanese restaurant.  Some Americans bring bento from home to work everyday to eat though this use of the world is extremely rare.                (J.F)

お役立ち英会話表現 75
at times           時々
soybean          大豆
(green) pod         種子の入ってるさや
extremely        全く、極端に

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