What is Sarcasm ? (1)


 Sometime, if you're watching an American or European movie, you may see a scene like this: a person says something like " Well, that was great !"  But the tone of her voice and her facial expression seems to show that whatever she is talking about is not great, and might be bad.  What is this ?

Actually, she is sarcastic.  That is, she's using sarcasm to show a negative or ironic feeling about something.

Perhaps the best way to explain sarcasm is to give some examples of it;

a) if it is a rainy, cold and dark day outside and a person says " What a beautiful day !"

b) someone goes to a government office to ask a tax question and waits for over an hour to talk to someone who is actually very unfriendly and not helpful.  When the person leaves the government office after finally finishing, he says "That was fun !"           (G.K)

お役立ち英会話表現 77
sarcasm          嫌味、皮肉、当てこすり
facial expression          顔の表情
whatever          なんでも、どんなものでも
sarcastic         嫌味な、皮肉っぽい

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