What is Sarcasm ? (2)


C) in a baseball game between the N.Y. Yankees and Boston Red Sox, outfielder Ichiro Suzuki drops an easy fly ball the Red Sox score 2 runs and win the game.  A Yankees fan in the crowd shouts "Great job Ichiro !"

In each case, the person who is being sarcastic actually has a feeling which is completely opposite to the words that he or she is saying.

Why do people do this ?  Why not just directly state their true feeling ?
Well, a lot of people do exactly that, but sometimes we want to show our emotion or opinion in a way that is a bit humorous or ironic.

For a non-native English speaker, sarcasm is often difficult to "get", but we can usually tell by the tone of the words or the expression on the speaker's face when they are being sarcastic.  It is something used very often in comedy shows...               (G.K)

お役立ち英会話表現 78
outfielder              外野手
score 2 runs            2点得点する
great job !             よくやった!
state                  述べる
in a way that 〜     〜という方法で
"get"                理解する

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