Tips to help you (1)


Here are some tips to help you.

Let's look at the "th" sound first.  I have chosen the "th" becouse you can, with a little discipline and a cheap stand mirror correct the situation.

The "th" sound doesn't exist in Japanese and because you have katakana, most Japanese pronouce the "th" used in an English word as a "z" plus the vowel.  By the way, vowels, a-e-i-o-u in English cause a lot of pronunciation damage for the Japanese English learner.  (This vowel problem I will discuss later)

To begin with, let's concentrate on the "th".  

Let's practice using the following words beginning with "th"; this, those, them, the, there, that.  We use these words all the time when we speak in English.  They are very simple words, however, they are very important words, and shouold be pronounced correctly.

When you make the "th" sound, you must put your tongue (the tip of your tongue) between your teeth and gently bite down.   You must do this, every time, every single time you say a word which begins with or includes the "th".

It's a discipline.  You have to train yourself.  Imagine yourself cometing with yourself to get it right.  Sit down and set up the mirror on your desk, table, kotatsu-table, or kitchen-counter.                (V.C)

tip          秘訣、助言
discipline        訓練、練習
vowel        母音  cf. consonant 子音
to begin with       始めに、まず最初に
bite down       噛みおろす

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