Japanese words in the English Language # 3 (1)


- Ramen -  This is originally a Chinese word (La-mian), however we say the Japanese form (remen) of this famous noodle dish.  Most Japanese think that we have a different word for ramen, but the truth is that we borrowed your word and only everybody says ramen.  There is no English equivalent.

- Sushi -  Although sushi in Japan almost always has fish as an ingredient, in Western countries this is not always the case.  Quite often, Sushi tastes very different in the United States than it does in Japan because of its lack of fish - in other words, vegetarian style.  

In America, furthermore, sushi almost always is in a roll form, wrapped by a sheet of Nori.  Despite these common differences, we use the word sushi for American-style sushi and Japanese- style sushi.

- Udon / Soba -  These are both popular dishes in American -Japanese restaurant.  You may occasionlly hear soba being called "buckwheat noodles",  but the word soba is becoming more common as Japanese cuisine gains popularity in North America.                  (J.F)

お役立ち英会話表現 81
equivalent              相当語句、対応するもの
almost always           ほとんどいつも、大体
ingredient            材料、成分
in other words           言い換えれば
despite 〜      〜にもかかわらず
buckwheat              ソバの実
Japanese cuisine         日本料理

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