Japanese words in the English Language # 3 (2)


- Aikido / Dojo / Judo / Jujutsu / Karate / Kendo / Sumo -
In the English language, these traditional Japanese sports / martial arts are referred to using their Japanese names.  Dojo can sometimes be called a "practice room" or "practice space", but dojo is relatively well-known Japanese word in the English language, so saying that instead should be fine.

- Futon -  We use the Japanese word "futon" to describe tradional Japanese beds.  Sometimes, a futon can be more of a couch, i.e. off of the ground, whereas Japanese futons in Japan are typically rolled up during the day and are unrolled and placed on the floor at night.

- Rickshaw -  Derived from the Japanese words, jinrikisha / ninryokusha, these human pulled wagons are always called rickshaws in English.  This word is aslo used in Indian English, Sri Lankan English and Thai English among others.                    (J.F)

お役立ち英会話表現 82
martial arts      武道
refer to 〜      言及する
well-known            よく知られた、有名な
saying that instead     代わりにそう言う事
more of a couch         長椅子以上(に役立つ)
whereas            一方

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