Let's  Eat !    Food words in English (2)         No.5


In Japan, when someone is about to eat or drink something, they often say "Itadakimasu".  The only thing close to this in English is if a person who is religious says "bless this food", when saying "Grace" (a kind of prayer) before a family dinner.  We really don't have a word that is similar to "Itadakimasu", because the food is often already eaten and on its way to the stomach before anything can be said!

When a waitress or someone at home serves food to someone, they might say "here you go..." or maybe nothing at all.

A former girlfriend of mine who worked as a waitress here in Japan (she's also Japanese) said that if she served to foreigners she often said "Dig in!"  She was disappointed when I told her it's an old-fashioned expression, mostly just used in movies nowadays...

A newer phrase, "To die for," has become popular describing food which is so good it's worth dying just taste it.

So, if you want to give your real feelings about how food tastes, you have a lot of choices in English!  (G,K)

お役立ち英会話表現 5
be about to 〜   〜しようとする  
Here you go.        どうぞ、 はい、これ
dig in               食べる
die for 〜     〜が(死んでもいいくらい)おいしい

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