Making Sense of Money Talk (1)


One of peoples' favorite topics anywhere is money.  However, some of the English words we use to talk about it may sound strange to non-native speakers.
For example, what about American money ?   Most people have heard the word "buck" to refer to U.S. dollars.

"Buck" is a nickname used casually to mean the same thing as "dollar".  Ex: I paid 300 bucks for this camera.

Other nick names for US money include "benjamin", "clams", "simoleons" and others.  

By the way, in a formal place or situation we would almost never say "bucks" ;  we'd say "dollars".

If a person is very,very rich, he might have a "gazillion" dollars, or "bucks"   There really isn't any number which counts as a "gazillion" of anything, but in slang English it just means a huge amount.              (G.K)

お役立ち英会話表現 83
buck           ドル
simoleons        ドル
gazillion        膨大な数(強調して)

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