Making Sense of Money Talk (2)


Speaking about money, cash is used sometimes as a synonym for money.  Of course, this word can also be used to show a different thing from credit, as in cash only - no credit.

We sometimes use the phrase "cold hard cash" to refer to real money.  This is an old phrase, and the "cold, hard" part used to refer to metal money such as gold, silver or coins.

Nowadays, young American people sometimes use the words "paper" or "bank" to mean money. ex: "It was hard work, but I was making bank, lem me tell you !"

Previously, bank was only the place where we keep our money, but the word has evolved...

If someone really has more money than they need, we might say tat they "have money to burn".  This means that they have so much money that even if they burn some of it, it's OK.  There's still a lot of money remaining.  (Why they would burn their money, I don't know !)

On the other hand, when a person spends all or nearly all of their money, they are broke. (Never "broken") ex: "After going out last Saturday night I was broke !"                (G.K)

お役立ち英会話表現 84
synonym for 〜          〜の同義語
cash only - no credit   現金のみ(クレジットカード不可)
let me tell you !       言わせてもらえば    
evolve         進化する、発達する
on the other hand        もう一方、かたや
broke                   一文無し

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