Tips to help you (3)


The next step is to open your dictionary to the page beginning with "th" words.  Now just start reading them and practice.

In the case of words starting with the "th", practice makes perfect.  You can and will get it right.  You can do the same thing when you read, or want to say a word, containing a "th" at the end of the word, or in the middle.  Here is an example; "with".  The "th"is the last sound of the word, your end it by biting down on your tongue and pushing some air ot of you mouth.  You don't need a vibration effect.  Just exhale and let the air folw.  

If the "th" is in the middle of a word , for example "wither" or "weather", you bite down as usual and add a little vibration as you release some air.

The mirror is helpful to see where you are placing your tongue.  You might not want to use the mirror if you are practing English at Starbucks.  You will get some weird stares if you do that.                (V.C)

Practice makes perfect.       習うより慣れよ。
exhale                息を吐き出す
wither                しぼむ、枯れる
weird                 奇妙な、気味の悪い

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