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Now, let's take a look at the 'b' and the "v" sounds.  The Japanese often, if not always, confuse the two.  These two sounds are completely different, completely distinct.  
In other words, a "b" is a "b" and a "v" is a "v".  Visually and audibly, they are not at all connceted.

Get your mirror ready.  Here are some words we can practice with : "big, book, beg, bag, bat" ... and with the "b" in the middle: "rubber, or "robber" or with the 'b' at the end, for example : "tub, rub, mug, sob, mob".

To make the "b" sound you need to use only your lips and to blow a little air out your mouth.  Remember, I will say it again.  "Only your lips!"
Put your lips together first and then say the word.  Look hard at the mirror and watch your mouth.  Make sure your upper and lower lips are touching and speak.

Say "big", then say it again and again and each time use your lips only.  This is easy.  You can do it.  Practice the "b" sounds.  Then open your dictionary to the "b" page and strat reading the words beginning  with "b".  Practice, and more practice.  The mirror helps.                       (V.C)

お役立ち英会話表現 82
if not always         いつもという訳ではないが
distinct          明確な、 はっきりした
visually and audibly     見た目にも聞いた感じも
look hard         よく見る
upper lip      上唇
lower lip      下唇

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