Japanese words in the English Language # 4 (1)


Sayonara -  From the Japanese word for goodbye, sayonara, this expression is often said by a killer before he murders this victim in a movie.  When using this word in English, it often means that you are saying goodbye forever.  It is Ameican slang and should not be used in formal settings.

Zen -  Though this is originally a Chinese word, our use of it first came from the Japanese language.

Tsunami -  We borrowed this word from Japanese. The pronunciation is " su - NA - mi " in English.

Sudoku -  This number game is popular in popular in North America.  Most newspapers publish a different Sudoku each day.  There is no English word for Sudoku.

Honcho -  The English meaning is slightly different.  In Japanese it means head or chief but in English it usually refers to the manager of a company.  Honcho is usually preceded by head, so that we tend to say "head honcho".
For example, "the head honcho said I need to work this Saturday."                        (J.F)

お役立ち英会話表現 83
murder         殺す、殺害する
victim     犠牲者
goodbye forever       永遠の別れ
Sudoku        数独(数字を使うパズルの一つ)
Honcho         班長(?)
precede 〜   〜に先行する

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