Japanese words in the English Language # 4 (2)


Wasabi -   The exact same Japanese word is used in English.  When you go to a Japanese restaurant in English-speaking countries you should say wasabi and NOT horseradish.

Teriyaki -  A way of cooking when fish or meat is grilled in a sweet soy  sauce.  In Japanese it is used exclusively to refer to poultry cooked in this style, so the English meaning is different.  "Teriyaki sauce" is commonly seen in American supermarkets.

Kimono -  This full-length robe has exactly the same meaning in English.  Sometimes you will see this word used in fashion to describe clothing that has similarity to kimono.  In this situation, you will see the word "kimono-like", which means similar to a kimono.  For example: "In her kimono-like dress, the model looks like a mixture of a geisha and modern businesswoman."                 (J.F)

お役立ち英会話表現 84 
horseradish               わさび
exclusively               もっぱら、限定的に
poultry                  鶏肉
commonly                 普通に、一般的に
full-length               等身大の、足先までの長さ

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