Toilet Words (2)


Most people say "go to the toilet" to describe this action, even though it doesn't really make sense.  A dotor says "have a bowel movemnt" or "move your bowels to talk about it in a formal way.

The slang word "crap" instead of "shit", and people who are bit shy to say "take a shit" might easily say "take a crap" because the word is a bit milder.

Now, if people have to use the toilet the other way, they may say "I have to pee.".  This is acceptable in many situations except formal ones.  When we would then just say "use the restroom"  (we don't need to add details !)

A less nice way to say the same thing is to say "I have to (or got to) piss " or "... take a piss."  Why we say "take" in this case is a mystery !

Parents teach their small children to say " I have to go tinkle" or "go wee-wee", for having to pee, and "I have to go potty" for the other.  Adults never say this of course.   Urinating (peeing) is also sometimes called "number 1" and using the toilet to, er ... shit, is called number 2.

Again, this is yet another way to avoid giving the more direct details...                    (G.K)

お役立ち英会話表現 86
make sense            意味をなす
bowel            腸
crap              糞
pee       おしっこ
use the restroom    化粧室を使う
tinkle           (幼児語)おしっこ
wee-wee           (幼児語)おしっこ
potty           (幼児語)用便する
urinate            小便する

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