Going to the Doctor (2)


Doctor's Office

Doctor: Come in.

Hugo: Hello.  I'm Hugo.

Doctor: Hello.  How do you feel ?

Hugo: I feel terrible.  My head, throat and back hurt.

Doctor: Are you tired and exhausted ?

Hugo. A little. Sorry.  I have to sneeze.  AHHCHOO !

Doctor: I have to ask you some questions.  Do you feel sick ?

Hugo: I feel very sick !  Please help me !

Doctor: Calm down.  Don't worry.  Everything is going to be Okay.  Do you have an earache ?

Hugo: No.  I have a headache, backache and a sore throat.  I feel dizzy.

Doctor: Are you allergic to anything ?

Hugo: I don't think so.

Doctor: When was the last time you were sick ?

Hugo: I never get sick.  I never catch colds.  I am healthy.  I do sports every day and I still get sick.           (J.F)

お役立ち英会話表現 90
How do you feel ?         お加減はいかがですか。
tired and exhausted        疲れ果てている
sneeze                 くしゃみをする
AHHCHOO !              ハクション!
calm down       落ち着く、冷静になる
have an earache         耳が痛い
I feel dizzy.        目まいがする
allergic to 〜     〜にアレルギーがある
catch colds          風邪をひく
do sports              運動をする

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