Yes & No (1)


There are a lot of ways to say "yes" and "No" in the English language.
Which word we use depends on the speaker's choise or the situation.

The word "Yes" itself can be used in any situation, formal or casual, when a question is asked, and "No" can be used the same way.

Nowadays, the word "yeah", even though it's more casual than "yes",  cab be used in almost all situations except those which call for definite formality, such as job interviews, court testimony, and so on.

The words "Yup" and "Yep" (There is no real difference between them) are extremely casual, and although common, are seen to be words used by uneducated piople...

On the other hand, the word "certainly",  yet another form of "Yes" is seen to be a "high-class" word.                (G.K)

お役立ち英会話表現 91
a lot of ways             様々な方法
which word we use          どの言葉を使うか
depend on 〜      〜次第、〜に依る
nowadays               近頃は、最近は
call for 〜      〜を要求する、〜を求める
court testimony         法廷での証言
uneducated             教育を受けてない、無学な
on the other hand       一方

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