Yes & No (2)


For some people, the phrase " You betha !" is another very casual way to say "Yes".  
The phrase comes from " You bet your life !"  (if you say "You bet your ..." quickly, it sounds like " You betcha !"

As for the word "No", the most common , more casual form is "Nope".   Even though the word is very common with native speakers, it shouldn't be used in formal situations.  The same is true for the word "Nah", also used by many people.

A more formal, and also stronger form of "No" is "Certainly not".  ( ex: Did you take a 2-hour lunch break ?"  "Certainly not. I was back at my desk at 1 pm...")
We can also say "Absolutely not."  "Not on your life.", for a stronger and a bit more formal "No."

The phrase "No way !" is familiar to many people as a strong (casual) form of "No"...

For the English student who is not sure which forms of these words should be used, just remember that the basic "Yes" and "No" is always acceptable.                   (G.K)

お役立ち英会話表現 92
As for the word "No"             "No"と言う言葉については
The same is true for 〜    同じことは〜についても言える
No way !                   まさか、絶対だめ(違う)

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