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Of course, the English teachers are there for you, to help you with pronunciation.  By repeating after them, after they have shown you how to shape your lips, where to put your tongue, how to move your mouth etc.

One more thing before I get to the "v" sound.  This is most important.

While living, working and studying English in Japan, you will probably never speak the English language completely or fluently, like a native.  You have too many gaps in your English education.  Let's put the blame on the Monbusho ( Ministry of Education).  It's their fault you are not fluent in English.

But if you continue to work hard at it,  take one step at a time and concentrate on the basics, including pronunciation, well, then you will be able to communicate very well in English.  

You will have to learn to compromise with yourself on some language issues and especially on pronunciation problems.  Many sounds in English you will be able to master.  But some, like the "r" and the "l" might continue to elude you.  But eventually you can come close.                (V.C)

お役立ち英会話表現 93
put the blame on 〜      〜のせいにする
work hard at 〜       〜に向かって努力する
compromise with 〜      〜と妥協する、折り合いをつける
elude        上手くいかない、避ける

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