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Now for the "v" sound, and while we are at it, we will also have a good look at the "f" sound as well.  When you make the "v" sound, you have to put your front teeth on your lower lip, kind of make believe you are a big rabbit.

  Smile a little and make sure you are biting down just a little bit on your lower lip.  Have a look in the mirror.  Do you look like a rabbit ?  No not yet ! ?  Well, then try again.  Here are some words beginning with the "v" for practice.  Before you speak, be sure your front teeth are slightly biting down on your lower lip.

Ready rabbit ?   "vast, vest, vanish, very"  Remember to do the same thing even when the "v" appears in the middle of the word, or towards the end.  Image the rabbit in you, bite your lower lip every time you have to say "v".  Also something very important to note is that you need some vibration in the sound.  So you have to blow out some air through the tiny spaces between your teeth and lip at the moment you say the "v".  
The word "vibration" begins with the "v".  Include this word in your practice.                 (V.C)

お役立ち英会話表現 94
while we are at it            それに取かかっている間に
make believe 〜       〜の振りをする
be sure (that) 〜      〜であることを確認する
every time 〜        〜の時はいつも(接続詞的使用)
at the moment 〜       〜する瞬間に(接続詞 〃 )

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