British / American Spellings


Certain British English and American English words have the smae meaning and pronunciation but have different spellings.  Here are seven common groups of differences between the two types of English.  If you find yourself not entirely sure about the spelling of a word, it would be a good ideas to look it up in a British or American dictionary as appropriate.  

Please remember that, though the spellings are different,  Americans and British people can almost always understand the spellings of the other.  British spellings are generally used in Australia, New Zealand and other former British colonies such as Canada, India and Pakistan.

                       British       →          American

1. ogue / og       analogue,  dialogue    →        analog, dialog
2. our / or        colour,  honour    →      color, honor,

3. ence / ense      defence,  licence   → defense, license

4. s / z           analyse,  criticise    →  analyze, criticize

5. l / ll          enrolment, fulfil      →   enrollment, fulfill

6. re / er       centre, theatre       →  center, theater

7. micellaneous    jewellery, programme   → jewelry, program                      (J.F)

お役立ち英会話表現 96
look up             辞書で調べる
appropriate         適切な、ふさわしい
miscellaneous       雑多な、多方面の

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