Tips to help you (9)


When you make the "f" sound, you got to become a rabbit again.  Do the same routine as the "v".  
Bite down on your lower lip before speaking but remember that the "f" doesn't need to vibrate, just let the air out softly, blowing the air gently through the tiny spaces between your teeth and the spot you are biting down on you lower lip.

Do the same thing wherever and whenever you see or have to read and say a word which includes an "f".  And as you are speaking, remember to be a rabbit, if only for a second, in order to say the "f" correctly.  Have some fun.

Well, I think we've covered enough pronunciation issues for now.  You have enough on your pronunciation plate, so please make time to practice.  But wait !

Oh, before I forget, there is one very popular word in English that includes a "th" which you don't have to pronounce the "th" sound at all.                (V.C)

お役立ち英会話表現 99
got to 〜        〜しなければいけない
the same routine as 〜   〜と同じ手順
let the air out             空気を出す
wherever and whenever       いつでもどこでも

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