Some tips for students and businessmen moving to the United States (1)


1) Time - Americans tend to forcus on time more than other cultures do.  When you enter the stores, restaurants and offices, you will see clocks and watches just about everywhere.
Americans move faster than many other cultures and they prefer you to be on time so this might be a reason for their obsession with clothes.

In faster cultures such as in America, time becomes an increasingly important part of the everyday.  There are many expressions that refer to this obsession with time.  Some examples include: " Time is money. " , " to waste time "  and " to save time ".   

" Waste " and " save " are almost always used with money so the connection between money and time is quite clear.  America  is generally a fast country  that is motivated largely by money.                      (J.F)

お役立ち英会話表現 その102
tend to 〜       〜する傾向がある
focus on 〜       〜に集中する
on time                時間ちょうどに
obsession               脅迫観念

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