Some tips for students and businessmen moving to the United States (2)


2) Space  -  Americans love to have their space.  Maybe it is because our country is so large and that the houses and rooms in it are gererally larger than those in most countries in the world.  This extra space has created a country in which people are usually not  physically very close to one another.

We have become accustomed to having an invisible "bubble" of space around us.  If that bubble is entered, Americans can become uncomfortable.  Some popular expressions connected to our need for more space than most people are; " Give me some space " (i.e. leave me alone), or " I need some space. "   These expressions are asking the other person to give them some privacy or to move a little bit away from them.

3) Food -  Americans eat a lot of junk food.  They consistently rank near the top of the world in the proportion of people who are overweight in the population.

After living in America for a little while, you should begin to notice that much of the junk food in your country - microwave popcorn, M&M's candy, potato chips, and candy bars etc. all originated in the United States.

Despite being the most overweight place in the world, people are much more sensitive here to talking about their weight than in most countries.

Never mention a person's weight, especially if they look like they have gained weight.  If you think someone has lost weight I would not say anything unless you know them well.  Some expressions connected to America's general obesity problem are as follows: "Fat as a pig", "fat and happy" and "fat cat"                      (J.F)

お役立ち英会話表現 その103
become accustomed to 〜     〜に慣れる
consistently                   いつも、一貫して
in the proportion of 〜     〜の割合で、
obesity                      肥満

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