Big, Little, Huge : Talking about Size (2)


As for talking about things that are "bigger than big", we can say they are huge (pronounced like "hyooj"), massive, humongous (pronouced "hyoomungus") or, in a more formal style, gargantuan (pronounced "gar-gan-choo-an")

If we were to make a scale of relative size  with some of these words, it might start at munute or minuscule, then to tiny, small, then average or medium size, then to large(big), then huge (humongous, gargantuan), which are the most large in size.

Occasionally, we say that a person who is large is "as big as a house" , a house being usually a very big thing.  This is a slang phrase, and not nice to say !              (G.K)

お役立ち英会話表現 その105
as for 〜     〜については 
were to 〜     もし〜するならば
humongous          巨大な
gargantuan         極めて大きい(巨大な)
not nice to say      良くない言い方、耳あたりが良くない

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