Reading Comprehension and Using Adjectives (1)


At the end of the short story you are about to read, there will be some questions to check your understanding.

By the way, this short story is non-fiction.  It is a true story and to help you with adjectives, I will include many.  Adjectives, or describing words are very important and necessary, especially when telling a story.

These descriptive words illustrate and add excitement to what you are saying, or as in this case, writing about.

Adjectives help listeners, or the readers, to actually visualize the scenes in the story.  Adjectives fire-up the reader's imagination.  It's a way of adding spice to the words, to the nouns (remember adjectives can be used just before the nouns.  ex: "an exciting story" or "a big blue sky !).  

Using adjectives is like painting a picture, or making a movie.  Read on "A Spooky Story" by V.C.              (V.C)

お役立ち英会話表現 その106
you are about to read         これから読もうとする
by the way               ところで
adjectives, or describing words      形容詞、すなわち言葉を飾る言葉
descriptive          描写的な、説明的な
what you are saying        あなたが言っていること

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