Baseball Slang in English (1)


It's the time of the year when baseball players can be seen anytime, throwing mustard and knocking some taters' out of the park.

Confused ?  you might be if you aren't familiar with baseball slang.

Baseball is an old game and has a lot of casual slang words used by players, fans and commentators.
For examples, many people know that a "southpaw" pitcher is a left-hander, but did you know that a right-hander is sometimes called a "northpaw" ?  Makes sense I guess !

Speaking of pitchers, in Japan, a fastball is called a straight ball, but in American English, it usually is never called that.

Instead, it's known as "heater", or "heat" (because the fast speed seems like it must be hot), or as "mustard" or a pitch with "some mustard" on it.                  (G.K)

お役立ち英会話表現 その110
mustard            ≪野球俗≫ 剛速球
tater            ≪野球俗≫ ホームラン / おジャガ
familia with 〜   〜になじんでいる
make sense           納得できる
speaking of 〜    〜について言うと
heater / heat        ≪野球俗≫ 火の玉ボール

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