Baseball Slang in English (2)


Mustard is rather spicy, so spicy=hot=fast.  Then again, it's most often just called a 'fastball".

A curve ball is sometimes called a "yakker".  I have no idea why, and it's not so common...

Sometimes, a pitcher is said to throw "Junk".  (Junk is also a word we use for "garbage")

In baseball, this refers to other pitches besides a fastball, that are difficult for a batter to hit.

If a pitcher is lucky, he might get all 3 batters out in one inning, with no hits, runs or walks.  This is called a "1-2-3 inning".

Sometimes, a pitcher intentionally throws a pitch close to the batter as a warning.  This is called a "brushback" and may start a fight!

The pitcher himself throws from "the hill", or the pitcher's mound...   If he hasn't much skill, a pitcher might throw a "meat ball", an easy pitch to hit.  This might result in the batter hitting a "moon shot", a "dinger", or a "tater".  (all words for a home run...)                      (G.K)

お役立ち英会話表現 その111
yakker             ≪野球俗≫ 大きく曲がるカーブ
besides 〜      〜を除いて
no runs or walks         無得点無四球
brushback           ≪野球≫ バッターをのけぞらせるボール

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