Reading Comprehension and Using Adjectives (4)


Up ahead, I spotted a figure in a shiny red raincoat walking towards me out of the mist.  It appeared to be a woman and she seemed to be moving rather slowly, her body bent forward at an awkward angle.

I couldn't hear any sounds of footsteps.  This was very strange.  She and I were the only people on the street and I was frozen solid to the spot with fear and curiosity.  

I should have been heairng the heels of her shoes striking on the concrete side-walk but all I heard was s deafening silence.

As she came closer, I could see her face and her Cleopatra-style haircut.  Her complexion was milky white and her ruby red lips seemed to be pouting, somewhat sexy like a French model on the cover of a fashion magazine.  She was very attractive in a weird way.

Her eyes were large and almond shaped.  Her blank gaze was fixed straight ahead and non-blinking.  She had fine features with high cheek bones.  There was a slight bump on the bridge of her otherwise unobtrusive nose.                (V.C)

お役立ち英会話表現 その112
Up ahead              前方に
figure               人物、人影
frozen solid          こり固まる
deafening silence         深い沈黙
Cleopatra-style         クレオパトラのような
complexion             肌の色
pouting              突き出ている
otherwise unobtrusive nose     それほど高くない鼻

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