Baseball Slang in English - part 2 -  (2)


The players are given numbers according to their field position.  In a 6-4-3 play, the shorstop (6) throws to the 2d baseman (4) who throws to the 1st baseman (3) to make a double play.

An outfielder migtht hope to get a "can of corn" which is an easy fly ball that he can catch.
If a batter hits the ball in the space between the outfielders we sayt he hit in "the alley" or "the gap."

When Ichiro fires the ball he got powerfully to home plate, people say he has a "laser beam" throw.  There's a similar expression in English, when we say the fielder has a throwing arm that is "a rifle".

Talking about arms, a pitcher who can throw many pitches without effort has a "rubber arm."
There's a lot of other baseball expressions, but these are the "Major" ones, ha ha.
As the umpire says at the start of the game, play ball !                   (G.K)

お役立ち英会話表現 その118
according to 〜    〜に応じて
can of corn           ポップフライ
hit in the alley (gap)     外野の間を抜く打球
laser beam          (外野からの)一直線の好返球
rubber arm       肩が強い(球数を苦にしない)

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