Common Problems of Japanese English (3)       No.8


7) Saying 'Let's 〜.'  In some advertisements, we might see 'Let's enjoying nice fun...'  The right phrase of course is 'Let's enjoy nice fun.'  (By the way, is there any fun which isn't nice ?? but never mind.)  We never use an -ing verb with 'Let's'.

8) Pronunciation of 'clothes' - This word should sound like 'close', as in 'Please close the door.'  Not like 'closes' (The shop closes at 9 pm.)  That's it!

9) Pronuciation of 'work' - A lot of Japanese people pronounce 'work' and 'walk' in the same way, which is very confusing for native speakers.  'Work' should have an 'er' sound and 'walk' should have an 'aw' sound.

10) Not pronouncing the 'o' sound in certain English words. - Some people really want to avoid using Katakana pronunciation of English words, especially as in adding an 'o' sound to words like 'card' or 'fight'.  But they go too far, and don't use the 'o' sound in words which should have it.  So, I've heard people pronounce 'Tomato' as 'Tomaat' or the Canadian city of Toronto as 'Tront'.  True the Katakana pronunciation of English sometimes sounds bad, but don't worry too much about it !    (G.K)

お役立ち英会話表現 8
confusing     混乱した
avoid         避ける

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