American Idioms (1)


Here are some American idioms that are all commonly used.  Read the conversation below and try to choose the correct definition of each idiomatic expression.  Then, if you are able to, write down your own sentence using each of these idioms.  Ask your English Village teacher to take a look at your sentences to see if your are fully understanding how to use these word.

Ken: I can make it.  I'm out to win !

Erin: You'll make it, Ken.  Just put your best foot forward in all you do.  

Ken: I certainly try.  I know life has its ups and downs and hard time to get through, but it's important to make the best of every situation.

Erin: That's right.  And if a plan falls through, we have to try and try again.                (J,F)

お役立ち英会話表現 その123
commonly used              普通に使われる
definition              定義
fully understand           完全に理解する
I can make it.            大丈夫、出来ます。             
I'm out to win.      勝つことを目的にします。
ups and downs            (人生の) 浮き沈み
put one's best foot forward      出来るだけのことをする
make the best of 〜      最大限上手く対処する
fall through             失敗に終わる

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