American Idioms (2)


Ken: I don't give up, Erin, you know that.  I'm determined to do well.

Erin:  Why not ?  Just be on your toes and keep your eyes open.  There are oppotunities everywhere.  You only have to search out and take advantage of them whenever possible.

Ken:  Well, Erin, like you, I'm go-getter, so I'm sure to make it !

Erin:  With your confidence and optimism, you will.  You've already come a long way.                

■ Definitions and your own sentences

match the definitions with the list provided below

1. out to win     2. to put one's best foot forward     3. ups and downs     4. to make the best of      5. to fall through     6. to give up     7. on one's toes     8. to keep one's eye open     9. to search out     10. to take advantage of      11. go-getter     12. to come a long way                (J.F)

お役立ち英会話表現 その124
determined to 〜       必ず〜する
why not ?                いいんじゃないの(賛成です)
one one's toes           準備しておく、身構えておく
take advantage of 〜    上手く利用する
go-getter               やり手、辣腕
come a long way          やり続ける  cf. go a long way   役に立つ

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