Tipping in America (1)


Tipping in general - Most countries have tipping unlike in Japan, where it is extremely rare.  However, in America tipping is much more important than in almost any other country in the world.
Giving a good tip will give you great customer service whereas a small tip may leave you with a bad experience.
In general, good tips will make everyone around you more polite.

Tipping at restaurants - At restaurants in America, you generally give 15% of the bill as a tip.  So, if the food was 10 dollars you would give a $1.50 tip, making the total cost of the meal &11.50.
If the service (how good the waiter/waitress is) was great then it is nice to give a 20% or 25% tip.
If the service was bad, then give a 10% or 5% tip.  Giving no tip at all is extremely rare and should only
be done in very rare situations when the waiter or waitress was extremely rude to you.                 (J.F)

お役立ち英会話表現 その125
tipping in general            チップ全般
unlike in Japan               日本国内とは違って
whereas                    しかし一方
Giving no tip at all          チップを全くあげない

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