Tipping in America (2)


Parties (the people in a group eating at a restaurant NOT a drinking party) of more than 6 people have a 15% tip automatically added to their bill.  
So, if you eat at a restaurant with a big group of people, expect to have 15% added to your bill automatically.
If you look at your check, at the bottom you will usually see the word "gratuity" , which is a formal word for tip, with the amount of automatic tip next to it for larger parties.

Tipping at bars / clubs - In general, people give a one dollar tip for each drink at a bar or club.  This is obviously a lot of money and explains why bartenders can make a lot of money in the United States.  A bartender can easily make 500 dollars in one night of work (50,000 yen).

Tipping taxi drivers - Taxi drivers are usually given a small tip of one to three dollars.  However, if they help you with your bags (for example - carrying your heavy bags from car to your door) then give a tip of at least one dollar tip per bag.

Tipping in other situations - It is also acceptable to give tips to porters (people who help you with your suitcases at an airport or train station), valet parking attendants (when someone parks your car for you - usually at nice restaurants) and street performers (people who play music or perform on the street or in a public park for the public).         (J.F)

お役立ち英会話表現 その126
party            一行、一団
at the bottom     一番下に、底のところに
gratuity           心付け、チップ
valet parking      客の車を預かり帰りに返すサービス

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