Australian Summer (1)


One of the surprising things for an Australian arriving to Japan in the middle of a hot and humid  summer is the different attitude to using water here

Australia - which as Wikipedia will tell you is the Earth's driest inhabited continent - has a chronic water shortage.  This means that many parts of Australia have water restrictions to ensure people, plants and animals will have enough water.

These restrictions come in various stages, starting at Stage 1 for the lowest restriction, to Stage 8 for the highest restriction.

A wonderful film made in 1995 called Tank Girl ( ) provides an exaggerated and apocalyptic vision (which includes kangaroo-human hybrids) of how bad the water situation may be in Australian in the future.

Country areas of Australia suffer the most during a drought, because many people live on a large farm. If the ground dries out too much, the grass will die and livestock can starve.                     (C.B)

お役立ち英会話表現 その132
surprising things            ビックリすること
hot and humid summer          蒸し暑い夏
atittude to using water       水の使い方への態度
chronic water shortage        慢性的な水不足
ensure                       確実にする
apocalyptic                  黙示的な
kangaroo-human hybrids       カンガルーと人間の交配種
drought                     干ばつ
livestock                    家畜

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