Australian Summer (2)


Similarly, crops will dry out and cause farmer to lose his income.  However, everyone in Australia shares the responsibility of doing what they can to save water.

Living during water restrictions in Melbourne means changing the way you use water to be more sustainable.  Here are some examples of water restrictions in Melbourne:

Stage 1:
* lawns may only be watered between 6am - 10am and 6pm - 10pm (at these times there is less heat from the sun to evaporate the water)
* hosing hard surfaces such as driveway or road is banned at all times
* a permit is required to fill up large swimming pools

Stage 2 to 3A:
* watering lawns is banned at all times
* gardens can be watered on alternating days, depending on whether your house is an odd or even number
* cars can only be washed using a bucket, not a hose, and mirrors, windows and lights of the car should be washed.
* swimming pools can not be filled

In addition to these measures, there are advertisements and campaigns to help Australians to learn ways to save water.  For example, we are advised to have a plumber fix all taps that may drip, and to keep pot plants under the tap so any excess water will help the plant stay alive.                             (C.B)

お役立ち英会話表現 その133
similarly                  同様に
dry out                   枯れる
cause 〜 to 〜              (結果として)〜に〜させる
sustainable               (環境を破壊せずに)維持できる
evaporate water            水を蒸発させる
hose hard                   ホースで水をたっぷりやる
alternating days          交互の日に (偶数か奇数の日)
odd or even               奇数か偶数
pot plants                植木鉢

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