English Village Learning Blog : Introduction (1)


This EVLB contains lots of old and some new vocabulary, plus, plus many idioms ; some you may know and some of you may not.

There will be four short reading comprehension exercises.
The first one is called " The Universal Man "  It is an auto-biographical short essay dealing with creativity as inspired by Leonardo da Vinci and his concept concerning " the Universal Mind"

Leonardo believed that all knowledge already exists in the universe and that people could, by opening their minds, actually tap into that infinite pool of knowledge in space.

The second, third and  fourth reading comprehension exercises are in the form of poetry, i.e. song lyrics.  
The first song is entitled, " Broken Heart ".  As the title suggests, it is a sad story of a love relationship gone wrong and the eventual break up of the couple.  
After the split, the man ends up spending many lonely nights sitting at the bar drinking alone.                    (V.C)

お役立ち英会話表現 その140
reading comprehension                読解力
auto-biographical                   自叙伝的な
tap into 〜           〜に入れる、打ち込む
infinite pool of knowledge         無限な知識の入れ物
i.e.                         すなわち

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