What is " Boring " ?  


There are a lot of interesting things in life, but sometimes things are just not interesting.
These "things" can be people, books, TV shows, lectures, almost anything.
Things that are the opposite of "interesting" are often described as "boring".  This word is an adjective, and has no connection at all to the indoor game played with a large black ball and white pins.  (in Japanese pronunciation, the words "boring" and "bowling" can sound similar)

Other words with meanings similar to boring are; dull, tedious and uninteresting.

A typical way to use "boring" in a sentence might be: "That movie was so boring !  I was almost asleep..."

We sometimes also say "I was bored to tears."   Tears are the water that comes from our eyes when we cry.  So "bored to tears" means being so bored that the situation might make us want to cry...

Another way to say the same thing is to say " What a bore ! "  (ex: "Her husband always talks only about golf.  What a bore ! )  In that example, the "bore" is the person - the lady's husband...

If you want a more polite way to say something isn't interesting for you, ("it's boring" is not polite) you could say "I can't say I find it interesting..."   (ex: Do you like art exhibits ?" - "Well, I can't say I find it interesting...")

The expression "It leaves me cold..." is another way to express that something isn't interesting.  (ex: I never got interested in history.  It leaves me cold...")

Hopefully, everything in your life is fun and exciting and you won't need these expressions !                      (G.K)

お役立ち英会話表現 その142
described as "boring"                "退屈な"と表現される
adjective                            形容詞
bore                                 退屈な人
art exhibit                          展覧会、美術展
It leaves me cold.                   つまらない、感動しない
hopefully                            願わくば

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