America's regions / areas (2)


The southern U.S. went to war with the northern states during the Civil War (1860 to 1865) and even today there is still sometimes bad  feelings between the North and the South.
Other southern states include Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina and Florida.  This region is rarely visited by Japanese tourists.

The North

The Northern states are generally colder and wealthier.  Country music is not so popular here but rock music, hip-hop/rap and pop are famous.  Some of the most famous cities in the world are found in "the North", such as Chicago, New York City, Boston and Philadelphia.
The big cities are fast, cosmopolitan and very international.  The people talk faster and move faster.  The winters are generally very cold and the summers are short and sometimes extremely hot.
The further north you go, the more popular ice hockey is.  If you are visiting the North, I would suggest going during Christmas, when you can see snow and many decorations outside homes.
The standard American accent you hear in movies and in the American news is spoken by the wealthier and better-educated people in this region.   Many Japanese tourists visit the big cities of the North such as New York City and Boston.                         (J.F)

お役立ち英会話表現 その144
the Civil War                 南北戦争
rarely visited                 めったに訪れない
cosmopolitan                  国際的な
The further north you go,       北へ行けばいくほど
better-educated              高い教育を受けた

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