America's regions / areas (3)


The West Coast

The west coast of the United States is California, Oregon and Washington State.  These 3 states are generally more laid back (relaxed) than other parts of America.  Most of the population is centered along the coast.
The majority of the big cities - San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle are all close to the ocean.
The West Coast is considered to be more open-minded (open to different kinds of people) than the rest of country and for this reason, creative types like artists, musicians and writers move to try to become popular.

The south part of the West Coast ("southern California")  is warm all year and has beautifu beaches.
The northern part of the west coast is rainy much of the year and generally cool.
"The Northern" is well known for its coffee culture.  Starbucks started in Seattle, which is in  the Northwest.                    (J.F)   

お役立ち英会話表現 その145
laid back              ゆったりした、くつろいだ
is centered  along the coast        沿岸に集中している
for this reason           こうした理由で
all year               一年中
much of the year        一年のかなりの期間

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